If you want to surf on to some other websites I offer the following links:

Links for Nerds Vol. 1: Links for professional physicists

Theory Group, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, TU Delft "Home"

Quantum Transport Group in Konstanz Wolfgang Belzig's group in Konstanz, where I did my Diplom (i.e., MSc)

ArXiv is the pre-print server.

APS Journals archive of the American Physical Society's publications

Links for Nerds Vol. 2: Science and more (also suitable for lesser geniuses)

GWUP German sceptic's society resp. is a collection of blogs by scientists and science journalists. Especially, I'd like to recommend

Richard Dawkins is a biologist, author ("The egoistic gene") and most notably one of the leaders of the "New Atheism" movement.

Annals of Improbable Research is a satirical science journal and the institution, that awards the yearly Ig-Nobel Prizes for research that cannot our should not be repeated.

Don't Drink and Derive is a collection of jokes about Mathematics and those, who do it.

PhD Comics: Life (or the lack thereof) in academia.

Links for Nerds Vol. 3: Linux, LaTeX and Perl

The not so short introduction to LaTeX

The PracTeX Journal Magazine of the TeX User Group. Carries useful articles about the deeper aspects of LaTeXing.

CTAN The Comprehensive TeX Archive is a collection of all (im)possible LaTeX classes and packages. is the place to start, when you're interested in Perl.

CPAN: The Comprehensive Perl Archive is a comprehensive collection of Perl packages and other language extensions.

Slashdot is the place where you learn about rumors in the IT world.

Wired is THE technology magazine.

Friends and Family

The holiday flat of my parents in Friedrichshafen.

Farmer Baur is my uncle (Guido) resp. cousin (Martin).

Volker, Nicki and Noah My cousin Volker's and his wife Nicki's blog about their offspring.

Georg is my uncle and a freelance multimedia author and docent.

Xuhui is the only Chinese I've ever lost a golf match against. He also happens to be a friend and former colleague.

Jiang is a widely travelled former PostDoc in our group and friend.

Fabian is a S^3 -- smiling smart Swiss. I also happen to share an office with him.

Michael's eThekwini Blog: My former roommate reports here about his adventures in Durban, South Africa.

Sebastian's Taukon Blog Sebastian is another former roommate and certified computer nerd. currently lives on his server. Thank you!

Miscellanous is a watchblog dealing with German tabloid media (most notably the BILD newspaper).

Project Gutenberg is a library of books in the public domain.